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This Is How To Make Your House Cool And Warm A Same Time

Who does not want to have a comfortable home? Of course, everyone hopes to have a comfortable home. The house will feel comfortable not because of just a good factor, but a sense of coolness also affects the environment around the house. One of the big problems faced by new residents is to maintain stable room temperature. Maybe for people who live in mountainous areas, it is very difficult to create a warm atmosphere wherever they are. That’s why some people tend to buy gas furnaces, and you may check out furnacebuzz if you need one.

However, this warmth can be done in an easy way. Try doing the following things so the house feels cool and warm at the same time:

Efficient Floor

If your house uses tiled floors, you can combine carpets on the floor as a platform during the rainy season. Or you can use another method, which is replacing your ceramic floor with a wooden parquet flooring material covered with thick carpet. Shades like this will present a sense of comfort and warmth when you are at home.

Use Thick Curtains

Generally, the existing glass windows are only given a thin curtain. In fact, by using this type of thin curtain the temperature in your room will remain cold. To create a warmer feel, you can use a thicker type of curtain, this simple thing will affect the temperature of a room. Choose the type of curtain fabric made from velvet and suede. Such fabrics have a thickness that can control the temperature of the room.

2 Tier Window

The use of windows with 2 layers is very suitable for those of you who want to regulate the temperature of the room. However, if you don’t have an expensive budget, the solution is to use window film. Window film is also suitable for those of you who like to maintain the privacy of the room. Because the front side of the glass is dark, and the feel produced in the room will feel cool. If you use window film, don’t worry because outside light can come in even though the glass is dark.