Six Reasons to Buy a Land Rover or Range Rover

There are six reasons why automotive enthusiasts around the world should buy a Land Rover or Range Rover. The lovers of large and luxury vehicles surely know these two special car models. They can also rent one type they want at and they can get an affordable price.

The first reason, all imported Land Rover and Range Rover cars have vehicle specifications that have been made specifically and following market conditions in each country.

Second, all Land Rover and Range Rover units that are marketed have used Euro IV standard machines, only one grade different from Land Rovers sold in the UK that has reached Euro V.

Third, the Land Rover and Range Rover machines that have Euro IV specifications, in the air conditioning or AC system use the R134A type. the after-sales service is guaranteed.

Fourth, the Land Rover and Range Rover factories dare to guarantee a three-year guarantee and their customers will automatically get an “Absolute Service Card”. This special card is one of the advantages of getting free maintenance, pick-up & re-delivery service, 24H Emergency Roadside Assistance for three years.

Fifth, authorized dealers in all countries that sell Land Rovers and Range Rovers already have Approved Service Centers & Approved Aluminum Body Repair with internationally certified technicians. Then authorized dealers also ensure that there are genuine guaranteed spare parts & accessories, standard repair procedures using the Dealer Management System, and diagnostic equipment that is integrated online with the Principal Land Rover and Range Rover using updated software.

Sixth, Land Rover and Range Rover owners around the world will be part of the “Global Land Rover Community” or “Range Rover Global Community” which is certain to always get the latest information including Service & Campaign in every country and internationally.

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