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There Are Some Differences Between Contemporary And Modern Arts

Contemporary art can be interpreted as an artist whose existence is influenced by modernization. Contemporary art is art whose creation is not bound by previous rules but follows current developments. Based on this statement, contemporary artists often equated with modern artists. The same goes for their art pieces. Though both are different things.

Obviously the art gallery is also distinguished, there is a contemporary art gallery there is also a modern art gallery. Modern and contemporary art is distinguished from the period in which the art developed. The word modern in modern art represents works of art that were created and made in the 1860s until the late 1960s. While the later artworks are referred to like contemporary art. The following describes the characteristics of modern art and contemporary art.

Characteristics of modern art:

The concept of creation is based on a philosophy, but the range of its description remains unlimited.
Not entangled in past art traditions.
Art is still compartmentalized, there is high art and low art.
Tend to reject social themes and pay less attention to local cultural elements.

Characteristics of contemporary art:

Developed according to the times, not bound by ancient rules.
Various disciplines of art merged into one without any partitions. Free themes and media, for example, there are paintings, crafts, graphics, sculptures, dance, theater, music, social and political action.
High art and low art blend.
Social themes become commonplace and local culture is often raised.