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Damp Wall And Gutters Can Cause A Humid Environment

Since the beginning of building a house, the prevention of wall humidity should have been considered. You must overcome the early humidity on the walls due to water absorption. For this reason, in terms of construction, residential walls must be constructed properly so that water does not seep. Commonly done by people is to make foundation, sloof and wall, where sloof includes preventing water from rising to the brick wall. A layer of a waterproof layer is a layer of cement mixture that prevents water from rising from the foundation to the brick wall above it. Additionally, if your foundation or crawl space is humid, we suggest you visit https://www.crawlspaceprossc.com/crawl-space-repair/ soon.

Actually, the most appropriate technology is done by slipping a layer of rubber or zinc plate at the bottom of the brick wall when making brick walls done.

In addition, gutters can also affect humidity. Gutter problems are usually caused by overlap or the width of the pile between the lip of the gutter and the roof is too small, so the water that drips from the roof does not completely fall into the gutter, but enters the house. To overcome this, replace the gutters with new gutters that can reach as wide as possible. With greater overlap, rainwater will completely fall into the gutter and not drip into the house. In addition, gutters made from zinc or metal have the possibility of rust and holes that can reduce its quality. After replacing the gutters, coat them with galvanized paint which reduces the corrosive nature of the gutters. Gutters coated with galvanized paint will be free of rust for up to five years.