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The Importance Of Skin Moisturizing To Avoid Eczema

Eczema is a skin disease whose cause cannot be known with certainty. But one thing certain is that the condition of dry skin will make things worse. One way to reduce itching and dry skin due to eczema are by bathing. For people with eczema, it is recommended to take a shower at least once a day. The benefits of bathing are cleaning the skin of allergy washers (allergens) and skin irritants, as well as hydrating the skin. Although bathing is highly recommended for people with eczema, also pay attention to the soap used. Choose bath soap with mild chemical content or better, soap for eczema. With this, soap will not cause irritation or trigger eczema.

Make sure the moisturizer product you use does not contain harsh chemicals or perfume. Rub lotion or moisturizing cream on the skin immediately after leaving the bathroom. Based on several studies, skin moisture will be better maintained if a moisturizer is used when the skin is still slightly wet after bathing because the lotion and moisturizing cream will help in storing water in the skin. Even so, keep diligently applying skin moisturizer throughout the day to maintain the level of hydration.