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You May Connect HRV or ERV to Furnace Air Duct System

HRV and ERV are devices that give us good ventilation without incurring high energy costs to heat the incoming outside air. Both of these ventilators first use depleted air to heat the incoming air. They recover 60 to 90 percent of the heat from the discharged air. Aside from that, if you require an expert on HVAC, we suggest you call the certified company of hvac Columbia SC.

As a result, the air that enters in winter will be much warmer than the untreated outside air (but still cooler than home air).

Balanced ventilation provided by this device may not make home decompression that can affect the proper and safe functioning of fuel-powered equipment at home.

In addition, ERV transfers some of the moisture from the humid airflow (indoor air in winter and outdoor air in summer) to drier airflow, which helps regulate humidity levels in the home. During the heating season, this moisture transfer can reduce the interior dryness of some airtight homes, which may occur when HRV is used, especially in cold and dry climates. Also, ERV can improve indoor humidity control and reduce AC energy consumption on warm humid days.

In order to increase the energy efficiency of the furnace fan, install or modify the furnace with a direct current fan motor or install a cycling fan controller or a programmable thermostat that has a fan-cycling feature. Like furnaces, HRV and ERV require routine maintenance and cleaning.