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Reasons To Move Your Feet When Sitting Is Good For Health

You must already know and maybe even have often been reminded that sitting for a long time facing the computer is very bad for health. But no matter what, it’s a work demand, you have to do your work for hours at the computer. In addition, this is also certain we find in people who use wheelchairs. They cannot get comfort just by sitting for hours on a wheelchair cushion seat even though they are outside the house.

Sometimes, you will unconsciously move your feet while listening to songs while doing office work. This is actually good. According to research, moving your legs up and down when you sit for hours can help maintain cardiovascular health (blood vessels and heart).

Moving your legs when sitting can improve blood circulation. This can prevent swelling due to a buildup of blood in the blood vessels. Blood will not accumulate at one point and clot. When sitting in a wheelchair, users must also wake up after some time there. They have to keep other muscles in their body flexible, so their blood circulation remains smooth.

The researchers analyzed twelve people and asked them to move their feet for 3 hours while sitting. Then the researchers examined the blood flow in the legs. They found that moving your feet while sitting could help smooth blood circulation.

But of course, the researchers suggest that you stand up and walk every now and then every hour so that blood circulation is smoother. Although it cannot be a substitute for exercise, moving your feet when sitting is still better than just sitting still without moving your feet.

So, when sitting in public transportation, at work, or even in a wheelchair, it’s better to listen to songs from headphones, and it doesn’t matter if you want to move your feet to the beat. This is better than just sitting still, especially for blood circulation.