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6 Secrets Of How To Learn English Online Fast

Learning English quickly is desired by everyone, especially those who will take the exam, such as TOELF, IELTS, b1 test booking, a2 English test and so on. If you are curious, check out the secrets below. This method is suitable for you who are facing an English skills test tomorrow:

1. Read Vocabulary
Are you lazy to read any vocabulary in English? If yes, congratulations because you have refused to be able to speak English fast! Do you know what English is lamp oil? If you know that’s good, if not, what? Study!

It doesn’t take years or months to learn English. Just know the names of objects or vocabulary in English that relate to your routine in 1 day https://britishlifeskills.com/book-exam/.

2. Listen to English songs
No need to go to the trouble of going to an English club every week to listen to an English list. You just listen to English songs. How come? It turns out that just one day you are already fluent in listening! Listen to songs that are pleasant to hear in English.

Listen and enjoy many times, then guess the words that are spoken. If you’ve memorized the melody and you’ve guessed the lyrics, try to compare it with the original lyrics. How much are you wrong? If there are many, try and try again. So in just one day, you will be able to follow English listening more easily.

3. Write all things in English
Try from simple to complicated things. For example, you write your self-introduction in English, then type SMS in English, write a love letter in English, even status and comment on social media in English.

Do this for 1 full day. And see what happens! You are one step ahead! After all, English is the point of communicating! If even one day you all wrote in English, you can already live abroad. Remember, one day with a detailed incident, friend. Starting from waking you up – to going to sleep again!

4. Speak in Full English!
Try practising full English to anyone, anywhere. Let’s just say the people around you are Caucasians who don’t use Indonesian. And you are required to speak English. Do this even when you are talking silently. It only takes a day you can speak English (Speaking) with Caucasians though!

5. Watch a Movie
Still watching western movies with Indonesian subtitles? Or don’t even like western movies? Now is the time for your life to be full of English. Watch western films in English but don’t use Indonesian subtitles. If you have difficulty, learn the gestures of body language from the actor in the film.

6. Do it repeatedly!
If you do this repeatedly for 1 full day in English, you will be fluent in English. Because the point is learning English for daily life when communicating with strangers.